15 July 2015

Production Team Interview: Luke Russell

1. Describe yourself in three words
Easy-going, Positive & Happy.

2. What’s your role in this summer’s production?
I’ll be playing the Flute, Piccolo and Alto Flute.

3. What do you do when you’re not working with Samling?
I’m a freelance flute player, mainly with orchestras such as CBSO, BBC NOW and Welsh National Opera, but with some chamber and solo playing thrown into the mix! I also teach at Bristol University and Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama Junior Conservatoire in Cardiff.

4. What’s your favourite opera & why?
La bohème – it was the first opera I’d ever fully heard or played during a placement with Welsh National Opera during my undergraduate studies at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. I was entranced by Puccini’s sumptuous melodies and harmonies, as well as the desperately sad storyline.

5. What are you most looking forward to about the production?
Every woodwind player surely enjoys playing Ravel’s music and I’m no exception. I also have to juggle three sizes of flute in the one show, which is going to be a challenge!

6. What do you order from the chip shop?
Large cod, small chips and curry sauce. But the curry sauce only for the chips and under no circumstance must it make contact with the fish! I’m also a big fan of the battered sausage and all food must be washed down with an ice cold can of Sprite or 7up. It’s a serious business.

7. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?
Mint Choc Chip every time!

8. Give us your elevator pitch for why people should come and see this production
A brilliant team, working with brilliant musicians, playing brilliant music!