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26 April 2018

Samling Institute for Young Artists is committed to the protection of your privacy. No information collected by us will be sold, rented or loaned except as expressly stated in this Privacy Policy and consented to by you.

All personal information given to us will only be held and used with care and in accordance with this policy and current data protection legislation. We will not collect any personal information about you, except where it is specifically and knowingly provided by you.

When personal information is collected it may be used by us to corroborate your identity and to enable us to provide you with the services we offer and to process and fulfill requests for information or advice, as well as to further develop our services to be useful to you and enable us to provide further services on this website in the future.

We may share non-personal aggregate statistics (group) data about visitors to this website, use and other traffic patterns with connected, or third parties. However, we do not sell or share any information outside Samling Institute for Young Artists about you as an individual user of this website unless you agree to us doing so.

When you view this website by linking from another web page Samling Institute for Young Artists may store the name of that web page for the purposes of internal administration and analysis.

Samling Institute for Young Artists may from time to time refer to or establish relations with companies, organisations and public bodies that will enable you to access their websites directly from our website. Each company, organisation or public body operates its own policy regarding the sale of personal data and the use of cookies. If you have a particular interest in, or concern regarding the way your data will be used then you are advised to read the Privacy Statement on the relevant website.

We will try to provide you with links to high quality, reputable websites which we believe will be of interest and relevant to you, but please note that such third party websites are not under our control and we do not contribute to the content of such websites. When you click through to any of these websites you leave the area controlled by Samling Institute for Young Artists. We cannot accept responsibility for any issues arising in connection with the third party’s use of your data, the website content or the services offered to you by these websites.

We use cookies to give you a more personalised experience online. It helps us create a more effective website that reflects your needs. We may also collect and record information about how you use our site by collecting your IP address. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our use of cookies. For more information on cookie files and IP addresses read our cookies policy. This page also includes information on how to disable cookies if you don’t want them to be used.

An IP or Internet Protocol Address is a unique numerical address assigned to a computer as it logs on to the internet. Samling Institute for Young Artists do not have access to any personal identifiable information and we would only seek this information when lawfully required to do so. Your IP address is logged when visiting our site, but our analytic software only uses this information to track how many visitors we have from particular regions.

Samling Institute for Young Artists stores all relevant personal information in its online customer relations’ management system (hereafter its “database”). Access to the database is restricted to Samling Institute for Young Artists personnel; no external party can lawfully access Samling Institute for Young Artists’s database. Security is ensured by numerous measures, including verification and validation of the user through usernames and passwords, compulsory password changes at frequent intervals and automatic logging out if a single user is logged in at more than one location.

The data stored in Samling Institute for Young Artists’s database may include any of the following: individuals’ names, contact details, campaign correspondence history, donation history, method of payment history, Gift Aid history, date of birth, parent name, parent contact details, voice type, and date(s) of participation. Any physical donation or correspondence is logged on the database and the physical copy is destroyed. After an individual has stopped being a supporter we will destroy all records except if legislation requires it to be retained, such as Gift Aid.

Individuals can submit a ‘Subject Access Request’ to Samling Institute for Young Artists at any point by emailing or in writing. Subject Access Requests will not be carried out over the phone. To ensure security and confidentiality, the individual will be required to confirm their identity by answering questions on their history with Samling Institute for Young Artists which only they will know.

Your personal data may have to be disclosed if we are required to disclose it by law, or as a result of a lawful request by a governmental or law enforcement authority.

We regularly review our privacy policy and may make changes from time to time. Any changes to this Privacy Policy made by Samling Institute for Young Artists will be posted here and will take effect immediately.

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