Samling Singing Schools

Building the Future of Classical Singing

A network of schools from the Tweed to the Tees

Through Samling Singing Schools, we are creating a network of state secondary schools across the North East where classical singing is nurtured and celebrated. Teachers and students are coached in Samling Institute’s core principles of healthy, natural singing; attention to text and learning through doing.

Samling Singing Schools is a significant extension to our work with state secondary schools in North East England. It bridges a gap between our introductory Samling Futures workshops and the intensive training offered at Samling Academy. Crucially, it is provided at no cost to the participating schools and students.

At each school, our leaders work with soloists, choir and teachers on classical repertoire and technique. The programme helps solo singers to reach a standard where they can benefit from Samling Academy whilst also giving students who sing in school choirs the same opportunity to learn singing the Samling way, extending our reach to those who are not having solo singing lessons.

To reinforce the work and share best practice, the school’s music teachers take part in all activities. They also receive guidance on appropriate and safe repertoire choices for developing voices. External singing teachers and music hub staff are also encouraged to attend. We provide a pianist so that students can gain the experience of working with a professional accompanist (as they do at Samling Academy) and so that the teachers are free to spend the sessions learning and participating.

The programme was launched in 2024 at Egglescliffe School in Stockton-on-Tees and we are now adding more schools over the next four years to create centres of best practice across the region.

“I passionately believe that the best way to inspire our students is to expose them to excellence. Samling Institute is helping us to achieve this by bringing in truly world-class artists and coaches to inspire our students and staff and we are already seeing the amazing impact of this work. We are thrilled to be the first Samling Singing School!“

Matthew Haworth, Head of Music, Egglescliffe School

Samling Futures

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