29 November 2016

Samling’s Big Give Christmas Challenge

Often as we draw closer to the season of goodwill we think about how we can support others to make a difference. Starting at midday Tuesday 29 November and lasting 72 hours your support has the potential to double to benefit Samling Academy.

For the first time, Samling is taking part in The Big Give’s Christmas Challenge. This is a limited and unique opportunity for a pledge of any amount – large or small – to be matched during a 72 hour period.

The aim of our Christmas Challenge is to raise funds for Samling Academy and Samling Futures, through which we are finding and nurturing exceptional young musical talent.



The Big Give allows individual donations to be matched by supporters of Samling. We have secured a ‘pot’ which is limited at £5,000. We do not receive funds from this pot without your donations.

If one person donates £100, this is doubled from the ‘pot’, adding £200 to the total. This is only open for 72 hours. Once the pot of £5,000 is used, pledges will no longer be matched but Samling will receive all the monies raised over the first £10,000.

Please Note: Donations can only be gifted through the Big Give website and we are not able to accept cheques on this occasion.


Our Christmas Challenge is to raise at least £10,000 towards the continuing development of Samling Academy and Samling Futures, to allow the expansion of activities in the North East and provide world-class coaching and performance opportunities to young singers.

To help us reach this target:

  • Save the date: Create a reminder for the 72 hour ‘window’ in which pledges will be doubled (starting at midday today #charitytuesday)
  • Donate: Any gift made to Samling will be gratefully received
  • Spread the word: Please send this message on to your friends, families and colleagues

Your support is very much appreciated.