16 July 2019

What will you find in the garden?

Our Samling Academy summer concerts ‘Come into the Garden’ start on Saturday 20 July. To give you a flavour of the programme, here’s a preliminary music list, and some reflections on music and nature from some of our young singers.

‘I hope that through our performances, you will be transported to another world, providing a glimpse of the different things that nature has to offer’ – Patrick Owston

Night – Dawn – Morning in the garden – Spring
Trad. Dutch: King Jesus hath a garden
Fauré: Aurore
Mahler: Frühlingsmorgan
Scarlatti: Le violette
Mendelssohn: Maiglöckchen und die Blümelein
Thiman: I hear spring calling
Gurney: Spring
Wilbye: Flora gave me fairest flowers [/zilla_column]

‘Music is always heard in nature and nature always found in music. The way composers find inspiration by just simply going outside fascinates me‘ – Zoë Jackson

Midday – Summer – Love in the Garden
Roy: This little rose
Schumann: Meine Rose
Schumann: Schön Blümelein
Ireland: The Trellis
Wolf: Wenn du zu den Blumen Gehst
Wolf: Geseiget sei das Grün und wer es trägt
Handel: Silent Worship
Trad. Arr Kings Singers: English Country Garden[/zilla_column]

‘Working on this programme has allowed me to find a way to escape city life for a while and return to the countryside through music and word’ – Jenni-Mae Wardman

Afternoon – Autumn in the Garden
Rodney Bennett: The bird’s lament
Head: A green cornfield
Gibbons: Dainty fine bird
Bridge: E’en as the lovely flower
Fauré: Le papillon et la fleur
Walton: The contrast[/zilla_column]

‘I believe that the only way to represent the wondrous complexities of nature is through art, as it makes the performer and audience really appreciate the beauty of the surrounding world, especially in a time where our planet is in jeopardy’ – Lotte Collin

Winter – Evening in the garden
Howells: King David

Bernstein: Make our garden grow