‘The Academy project is a fantastic opportunity for young people and is really paying dividends for audiences.’
The Sir James Knott Trust

'I have been drawn even further into this art form which offers so much room and potential for magic.'
Harriet Beckham, Samling Academy

'The music soared out of them in a way I have not often witnessed in a 30 year career of working with young musicians.' Jane Dancer, Independent Evaluator

'Samling is powerful because it works - an experience based on inspiration and trust.' Sue Pierce, Lecturer in Education and Community Arts Leader

'Having just returned from teaching at the Samling Academy, it is very clear to me what a phenomenal organisation Samling is.
Samling Artist Anna Stéphany

'This has been, quite literally, life changing.’
Charlotte Heslop, Samling Academy

Samling Academy

Samling Academy is developing the next generation of classical singers in the North East of England. Young people aged 14-21 who are growing up in this region and those who have chosen to come here to study are benefiting from unique training and performance opportunities.

Between Manchester and Glasgow there is no conservatoire  – junior or otherwise – offering high level ‘performance’ based opportunities to young singers. Established in 2012, Samling Academy has become a beacon for classical singing and musical excellence in the North East.

In partnership with Newcastle and Durham Universities, we are identifying voices in the region’s universities and schools, nurturing them and by giving them the opportunity to study with the best professional performers and coaches, enabling them to develop their talent.

Participants are selected by audition on a recommendation basis. We start the academic year with six days of intensive training including vocal masterclasses and tuition, workshops in acting and movement and language coaching, culminating in a public concert. Training continues throughout the year building towards performances and a biennial opera production. Led by Samling Artists and leaders of Samling Artist Programme, this self-sustaining musical community provides a much needed centre for classical singing and music offering a trajectory to the very top of the profession.

We have ambitious plans to increase Academy activities throughout the year and extend our reach, particularly to schools across the North East. We believe that in every school there is at least one young person with a voice that they have never found because they haven’t been given the opportunity.

If you share our vision for young people in the region today, please support our work.

The next round of Samling Academy applications will open early in 2021
Eligibility and audition information