10 March 2020

Samling Artist Programme March 2020

On Saturday 7 March, we welcomed our eight newest Samling Artists at our public Masterclass and Concert in Sage Two, where they worked with Samling Artist mezzo-soprano Anna Stéphany, Caroline Dowdle and James Garnon. This Masterclass week was particularly special, as Anna Stéphany became the first Samling Artist singer to lead the Samling Artist Programme that she herself once benefitted from.

Follow the links below to find out more about our eight new Samling Artists:
Catrin Woodruff soprano
Katherine Aitken mezzo-soprano
Ema Nikolovska mezzo-soprano
Liam Bonthrone tenor
Edward Jowle baritone
Nicholas Mogg baritone
Gary Beecher piano
Camille Lemonnier piano

All photos (c) Mark Pinder Photography